My Cultural Experience - Milou Korean food i like :> volunteer in Korean with ASHOME CAFE

My Cultural Experience - Milou Korean food i like :> volunteer in Korean with ASHOME CAFE

Korean Food

You’re interested in Korean culture and want to visit the country but don’t really know what to expect concerning the food ?
Here is a small post presenting Korean food’s main aspects!

Korean Cuisine is different from neighboring countries such as Japan and China.
It uses a lot of chili, sesame, garlic, as well as a wide variety of seafood and wild vegetables etc.
Each areas has its own food culture and dishes of their own. Globally, northern regions cooking is less spicy than the southern regions one. All side dishes and accompaniments are shared on the table, people have their individual bowl of rice.
Korean people do eat outside a lot, you’ll have the possibility to taste various Korean dishes in restaurant at reasonable prices, street food and coffee shops are also widespread here!

Main ingredients

starchy: rice, sweet potato
seasonings: chili, coriander, salt, sugar
proteins: meat (beef, pork, chicken), seaweeds, seafood

Some famous dishes

Bibimbap (비빔밥): mix of rice, beef, vegetables, and an egg, all spiced by fermented pepper paste

Bulgogi (불고기): marinated and grilled meat, usually beef or pork (also known as korean barbecue)

Kimbap (김밥): rolls of rice filled with different ingredients and surrounded by dried seaweed

Japchae (잡채): sweet potato noodles mixed with peppers, carrots, sesame seeds, onion, beef, and oak lentin, seasoned with coriander, sesame oil and a spicy sauce.

Some desserts

Patbingsu (팥빙수): crushed ice mixed with red bean paste or syrup and to which are added various fillings such as pieces of fruit, tteok, cereals or sorbets.

Hotteok (호떡): cinnamon and peanut sweet pancakes


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