My Cultural Experience - Tooz My thought abut Korea volunteering in Busan South Korea at the ASHOME LANGUAGE CAFE

My thought abut Korea volunteering in Busan South Korea at the ASHOME LANGUAGE CAFE

K-drama and Kpop are really popular in Taiwan, almost everyone in Taiwan knows some basic phrases such as 안녕하세요(Hello). I have never been to Korea before, and I was curious why everyone likes Korea so much. During my stay, I have also found something I like about Korea:
1. FOOD! Korean food is just wonderful, and there are so many kinds. From street food such as 떡볶이(Tteok-bokki, stir-fried rice cake), 김밥(Gimbap, seaweed rice roll), to 순두부찌개(Sundubu-jjigae, soft tofu stew)… I never run out of food options in Korea!

2. People – people in Korea are generally very friendly and polite. When I jog in the morning, there’s always a lot of아줌마(ajumma, aunt/ middle-aged woman) comfortably sitting on 평상 (pyeong sang, Korean wooden bench) while chattering, and they smile and greet you with안녕하세요or a friendly nod.
3. Landscapes – Busan as the second largest city in Korea, it offers beautiful urban landscape when you visit Haeundae(해운대해수욕장) or Gwangalli beach(광안리해수욕장); you can hike up to the mountains to have some natural scenes, too.
There are many more reasons to love Korea, such as drinking games, shopping, cute cafes… what is your favorite thing to do in Korea? What is your favorite Korean food? Come visit and find out!

1. 美食!韓國料理超好吃,而且非常多元,各式各樣都有。小吃例如韓國辣炒年糕、韓國紫菜卷、嫩豆腐鍋、在韓國,每天都有不同的食物選擇!
2. 人 - 韓國人大部分非常友善有禮。早上晨跑的時候,都會看到阿珠媽(韓國中年婦女)舒適的坐在矮桌上開心的聊天,她們看到你的時候,總會親切的說你好或點點頭。
3. 風景 - 釜山是韓國第二大城市,若你造訪海雲台海灘或廣安海灘,你會看到美麗的都會風景,你也可以爬爬鄰近郊山,享受自然景致。


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