Review from Haley - China & Review from TuTu - China VOLUNTEER BUSAN SOUTH KOREA

Review from TuTu - China

This is my first time to be in Busan. I am so excited about everything here. ASHOME café is wonderful and brand new. Lots of volunteers here are from different countries. We live, eat and have fun together. It’s really like a home to me. The location is great: 3 mins to the Jangsan subway station, 20 mins walk to Haeundae beach and shops, supermarkets and the cinema are close. If you want to spend a couple of weeks in Busan, this would be a perfect place!


-Thank you TuTu for becoming a part of our family

"Lets come and join us in Ashome English cafe in Busan. all you can get is new thing you never meet before such as chatting with foreigners,having experience by learning Korean and talking to locals. enjoy the beach,gentle breeze and blue sky. many Korean style shops are and the foreigners are welcomed here. it is my first time to visit Korea,which made me feel so surprised. And the great sea and friendly people here make me feel like home. i adapt to the new environment soon. whats more, there are some mountains here. i suppose to go hiking with my friends and looking forward to have some new places to visit.

快来釜山的AS Home和我们一起玩吧。你会有得到前所未有的体验:和来自不同国家的人聊天/和当地人谈天说地/尽情享受迷人沙滩、蓝天白云、微风拂面。喊风小清新的店铺到处都是/很多外国人都来这度假。这是我第一次来韩国,这两天的体验让我觉得格外新鲜。但同时美丽的海湾和热情的当地人又让我觉得在家一般享受,我迅速适应了这座城的慢生活。被山环绕的城市,青山绿水。我应该会和朋友一起去爬山去远足,期待看到更有意思的釜山。

-Thank you Haley for being part of our family


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