Review from Kristi - Austria "Why come to Busan ? FOR VOLUNTEERING OR INTERNSHIP

 Austria "Why come to Busan ?  FOR VOLUNTEERING OR INTERNSHIP

"Why come to Busan ? 
Well its one of the most beautiful, entertaining and fun city to visit in Korea. Yeah sure Seoul is not bad...but its too crowded there and you dobt have the beautiful view on the ocean there like you have in Busan from Haeundae or Geangali Beach. The people in Busan are very open and friendly, especially to foreigners. You will be able to make some amazing memories going to 노래방 (karaoke), to korean sauna, so thursday party, the beach and the mountains. Why you should come to this cafe? Well first of all its an amazing opportunity to make friends from all around the world. Most volunteers are from all corners of the world. I have made friends with people from brazil, france, sweden, russia,the states, South Africa ect. And you will also be able to make alot of korean friends through the cafe. The customers at the cafe are very imterested in foreign cultures and will surely want to hang out with you after work and show you their city "

-Thank you Kristi for being a part of our family


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